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AFTERMATH Gaming joined the Apex Legends competitive scene in January 2020 under team name AMG Taiwan. Led by AMG_Karis as the In Game Leader, Ziku (Former AMG_Ziku) and Shiba (Former AMG_Shiba). They played in multiple local tournaments and also competed in Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) qualifiers. The team took a step back from the Pro-Scene in December 2020 due to Karis being called to duty in the Taiwan Military. Shortly after which Shiba left AMG and Ziku joined RET. 

AFTERMATH Gaming then made some readjustments and renamed AMG Taiwan to AMG_GSEA (Greater South East Asia). On January 25th 2021 lead by SaviourHeavier (Singapore) former Overwatch Pro-player joined AMG as a Pro Player, in the game Apex Legends, bringing along Bunny and Kelvin (Hong Kong). As the Competitive scene was overwhelming for Bunny and Kelvin, they were unable to commit to tournaments due to personal matters and took a step back on May 1st 2021, to become content creators for AFTERMATH Gaming.

AFTERMATH Gaming then recruited Yanlys and Kit from a team named "Sister Fisters" to join the AMG_GSEA team on May 15th, 2021. It was around this time that Karis came back from the Military to rejoin AMG as a substitute player. This new GSEA team competed until August 3rd, 2021. The team was able to generate a total winning of USD$1,207 and was forced to disband as there were rumors that Kit, formerly known as KitMeanie, was banned from Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) due to suspicions of cheating and did not have clearance to continue playing. It was at this time that SaviourHeavier and Yanyls left AFTERMATH Gaming to become Free Agents. 

AFTERMATH Gaming forms a new team consist of JCA (Hong Kong), TsiaG, BoLin and DeSire (Taiwan) to compete under the AMG_GSEA brand in Sept 2021. Through-out various practices and countless meetings the team was unable to perform up to par and was disbanded in Nov 2021. JCA then took up the managerial role.

AFTERMATH shifted the attention to the local talent in Hong Kong and formed a full Hong Kong team in July 26th, 2022 led by Zachy. Alongside AMG_Zachy we were able to recruit Agni and Joey on a trial basis and would be signed based on performance. The team was not able to perform to ALGS standard due to the lack of tournament experiences. 

Which brings us to the present day, Sept 30th 2022, We are on a trail base with Ankis (Hong Kong) and Dudu (Taiwan) to play along-side team leader AMG_Zachy with JCA moving to a coaching position for the team. So far, the team have been practicing daily to prepare for their AMG debut at Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 which commences October 6th 2022

-----30th Sept 2022-----

UPDATE as of OCTOBER 15th 2022:
AMG disbands Hong Kong Pro team due to the lack of players commitment and shifting business to hosting more tournaments. 

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