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Another exciting announcement that we secured a product sponsorship with  Nanoleaf. AFTERMATH Gaming has a wide range of streamers and content creators all over the world, what better way to showcase their unique style and personal brand identity than using Nanoleaf's one of a kind led lighting. As the preferred supplier of Aftermath Gaming's live events, Nanoleaf's series of Essentials lighting will turn any room into an eye candy. Nanoleaf's product lines and new drops will be promoted during Streaming, tournaments and will also be covered in our Tech Review channel on YouTube.  

 “We have been reaching out for a while and through relentless efforts we managed to locked in Nanoleaf as a product sponsorship. Our aim is to help gain more exposure of Nanoleaf to the our Hong Kong gaming and streaming community” says Bobby Lee, Founder and CEO of AFTERMATH Group. 

As a part of the partnership this year, fans can expect to see Nanoleaf and AFTERMATH Gaming deliver fun elements, including: 

  • Weekly Online Scrimmages: During each scrims, a Hong Kong based lucky viewer will have a chance to walk away with awesome Nanoleaf gear to upgrade their stream setup. All scrimmages will be streamed on AFTERMATH Gaming's official Twitch Channel. Viewers just need to type “!Giveaway” in chat to enter to win. 
  • Nanoleaf Product Reviews: We will be covering the latest and the best of Nanoleaf products on our YouTube channel. By doing so we will give you a first-hand experience of our perspective of the product and the dominance it has over other brands.

  • Custom AFTERMATH Gaming Bundles: The exclusive bundles offered by AMG  and Nanoleaf to upgrade your gaming and streaming setup. Viewers will catch these limited bundles during our bundles drop in our discord channel and one lucky community member will have a chance to win monthly. 

Thank you to the Nanoleaf team in Hong Kong for this opportunity! 

USE CODE "WeAreAMG" at checkout for a discount on Nanoleaf's website (Hong Kong Only) 

------Monday, 31st, July 2022------

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