• logitech G

    Logitech G understands the demands of the competition play. The PRO Series is designed to be the best pro-grade gear, helping AMG to stand out as one of the best teams, if not the top, in Hong Kong.

    USE CODE " WeAreAMG10 " and enjoy a 10% off.

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  • nanoleaf (product sponsor)

    Nanoleaf is a pioneer in modern smart home, paving the way by continuously working to redefine the space. It feeds our creative urge and brings out that personal touch to our streams.

    USE CODE " WeAreAMG10 " and enjoy a 10% off.

  • red bull

    Fueled by Red Bull we aim to take our game play to another level. We roll out fun social media challenges for our community and will make RED BULL the #1 Esports Energy Drink.

    Give Me Wings 
  • altech computer

    When it comes to building or upgrading our systems, Altech Computer is the ideal partner. As one of the fastest growing company specialized in distributing a broad range computer and consumer products at unbeatable prices.

  • zowie by BenQ

    ZOWIE is dedicated to the development of professional eSports equipment. They play a key part in our AMG team, offering optimized smoothness and fast response, also customizable features that will help us to perform to the best of their best abilities.

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