AFTERMATH GROUP (AMG), home to Hong Kong esports brand AFTERMATH Gaming.

Our Mission is to make it easy for brands to connect and grow in the esports and tech industry in Hong Kong.

Through our efforts we are are reinventing the definition of esports in Hong Kong by establishing ourselves as a local esports brand.

Crafting a new formula and leading path to global success for Hong Kong based talents within the esports industry in Asia.


Our weekly podcast covers esports on an international level. Interviewing various companies, teams and game developers to offer exposure to the Hong Kong market and also fulfilling the curious minds of the locals in Hong Kong bringing light to the ever growing changes esports industry.

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We take part in hosting our own tournaments in Apex Legends and compete in various weekly ones. Now tackling the overall Asia Market to be known as the best within the Region after which we will expand our reach into other regions to be known on an international scale.


Yes, we all need clothes to cover our bodies. But the choice of what we wear lies in how we feel while wearing it. AFTERMATH Apparel will solve all that. We provide comfort, mobility, simplistic style and that stretch that you need. Shop now!


tech review

Home to a team of 6 Local Content Creators and social media influencers, we carry out weekly tech reviews of the latest gadgets to help brands better expand their reach and target the right consumers which is the tech and esports enthusiast in the Hong Kong market.  

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